sbrinley 1 week ago 0

I'm having two different issues:

  1. The first is that I still don't understand if the Parking Lot is supposed to be the same across workspaces, or different. When I created a new workspace the list names in the Parking Lot were the same as my first workspace so I renamed them. When I did that, it changed the list names in my original workspace too. But it doesn't even stay that way. Sometimes, my lists changes back to "Someday" "Someday" "Someday" with no items in them. And sometimes my first workspace has all my original lists while my second one is just the "someday" lists.
  2. It's not properly remembering additional boards in my second workspace. I created a new board in my second workspace since the Parking Lot seemed to keep the same names across Workspaces. But when I try to move something from the Parking Lot to a list in the new board, it just doesn't show any existing board options. When I try to edit a task on my new board, it gives a generic board name of #xxxxxx and doesn't show any other boards or lists.