erik s 2 years ago • updated by casewell 2 months ago 1
I see few responses to this but I think it it very valuable. For instance lets say I have a specific routine after I wake up. I would set a task to wake up then set a checklist to take medication, take vitamin, drink a glass of water, dress kisds, get dressed, etc. This would need repeated every day. Also is there way to make a custom repeat schedule? If its only a task done mon thru fri.?

I think making checklist re-occurring has been suggested in other posts and one of the replies was that it was a deliberate decision not to do that. that reply also provided a kind of workaround. This is for me was not really practical.

I have both morning and evening routines that have many repeatable tasks.

Currently, I have them set up as main tasks, but that results in them filling my calendar view, which distracts from the main goals of the day.

However, on the other hand, I want to monitor the tasks that form my morning and evening routines to ensure that I complete them each day. e.g. Meditation is in my morning routine and is something I want to monitor over time to measure my success as making it a new habit. 

The checklist approach really works well for the routine scenario, however, having to repopulate the checklist for each and every re-occurrence is not practical as it is so time-consuming, hence resorting to maintaining them as individual tasks.

Therefore I would request that this requirement is reconsidered as an option it would be very useful and would aid the usability and aesthetics of the view within the app.

Note I'm really referring to the web app, however the same is true within the myweek the view of the iPhone app.