Rudeboxer 5 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 4 years ago 6
Might be nice to have an overview of the features of Weekplan, with a short instruction of how to use them, and an easy way to get to that "help" from within Weekplan.
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Good idea - even if it's providing an obvious hyperlink or links to this UserEcho page designated as "Help."
Under review
To be honest I don't know what to document. Can you give me an example of something you discovered in WeekPlan that could have been better documented?

I would like to add more documentation but it is not clear to me what I should talk about. I did a few things in the past:

1. There is a tutorial when the new users first enter weekplan, but I am guessing you already know everything that is explained in the tutorial.
2. I had started doing some videos: http://weekplan.net/tutorials/
3. I have a FAQ page too: http://weekplan.net/faq/
These are all very useful Aymeric, so I don't think content is the issue.  I think it's a matter of placement of links to these resources.  As I'm sure most of us spend most of the time logged in, a good place would be in the right hand side bar slide-out menu of the app itself.  Make an option for "Help" and put links to all of these resources.  I think they should be accessible from within the app.  Granted, the tutorial is the first item in the list.  I think a link to the UserEcho page might be useful.
Thanks. I will consolidate all the help content in one page and add a link in weekplan.
I didn't realize there were video tutorials and an FAQ page! So yeah, I guess placement is the most important thing. Also agree on the UserEcho link.

Finally what I think would be useful is a list of the features Weekplan has, with a short description and/or instruction. I think there might be quite a few people that have no idea of all the possibilities. I think the cogitorama description is a nice example of what I mean (http://weekplan.net/cogitorama-a-tool-to-raise-your-self-awareness/). Again placement would help, I kinda just bumped into it :)