Weekplan is super useful; I would like to suggest something though

CHUCHI OKA-ZEH 5 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 5 years ago 5
Hello Aymeric, genius idea this weekplan. I want to suggest maybe allowing an option such that users can color code or change font colors for different types of task kind of like Todoist where the plans are able to be assigned different colors.Equally, is it possible to actually assign a time slot kind of like Google calendar where you can put what you want to do and the time period you will do it from? I mean not detract from the Weekplan experience or idea.

Thank you though for your idea, product and time
You can assign/designate a time period for any task.  Once you do so, it saves to the task appearance in your calendar.  Just click on the task, choose "edit" (the pencil icon), then "Set time interval" via the slider bar.  I find this really useful.  It's available even in the free option. 

Personally I think you're suggestion would detract for how tasks are pre-designated under priority according to the Covey method.  What I do to accomplish what it seems like you're asking as a work around is rather than list "roles" under goals, I just create categories of tasks as well and colour code them.

Then when you either drag the to your calendar, or create new tasks there, you can designate them by colour by clicking on the "Role" box before "add task."
I never thought you could do that.

Thank you for your swift feedback.

I thinkI might get carried away with all the colors, still with enough self-control it is useful.

Well fortunately the colour coding is discrete as you'll find so not overwhelming visually.