Done, will appear in the next deployment.
Thank you. Now I have another question regarding "estimated time": Just now I return from lunch, having approx. 4 hours left working time, but I see the "estimated time" of all tasks, open and finished. Wouldn't it be more helpful if the estimated time would only include open tasks, so I could compare the left 4 hours with my scheduled tasks?

What do you think?
But in your current day, shouldn't you have only tasks you are planning to do? Maybe I misunderstood what you meant
True, let's say a work day allows me to work 7 productive hours. So I will plan approx. 7 hours for today. Along the day it would be nice if the estimated time would be reduced by the completed tasks, showing only open tasks time.

But the current solution works for me fine too.
Oh I see, you want to see only the remaining total estimated time. I need to think of a way to show it but I think it is something I can implement fairly quickly. I am adding a task to work on it.
I have updated how the time tracking metrics are shown. Have a look and let me know what you think!
I like it! However it's too small, see printscreen Google Chrome 100% view:

I will increase the size. Stay tuned :)