Repeating tasks with scheduled times have disappeared, other bugs

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Firefox, Windows 11.

Two of my repeating tasks that had set times have completely disappeared.

I edited them yesterday (all events, not individual events) and now they're gone. They were definitely still there after I changed them yesterday as I was checking my schedule for the next few weeks after I made the changes. 

I have another repeating task that has a time set, which is unaffected. This one I didn't touch yesterday.

Some other non-repeating tasks have all of a sudden been scheduled with times starting at 23:00, but on different days to where I last placed them. 

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Hi there,

We are sorry for the inconvenience. There was a bug in last deployment that recurring task were losing time on completing its instance. It is fixed now but unfortunately we could retrieve the the lost time back. You need to reschedule them.  Let us know if still face the same issue. 

We appreciate your patience

Thank you.