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Thanks for creating two rows version of design. I think it is much better now for daily use. Thanks for your time to improve it this way. 

It would be great if you´ll add the eight column. Maybe with custom title, every user could edit it for their purposes. For example i would use mine for #pending blocked tasks or maybe for #someday this week. 

Inspiration for desing: 
Have a look on this design, i think it could be handy for Weekplan. 
There are big boxes with enough space to breathe. I think every box should have same size (even if full or empty) It is more streamlined for eye when user look at it. Days should be displayed as visually equal to each other.  Your current design maybe good for apps like but there it miss the point, every day is equal in my opinion and design should reflect it. 

Left sidebar with rounded icon used for logo of app or for avatar, sidebar should looks rock solid. Maybe like in gridlocked design, taks aligned in grey pattern background. 

Have a look in upper right corner. Wouldnt it be great if Someday tasks could be pulled out from the corner like this? Ok, this is maybe not so usable solution but for sure it would be nice :) 

If you are asking me what would be greatest solution for maybe tasks if you are creating separate page, i would say definitely something like One or more grids for every project. But first of all many many grid columns free to place tasks, also with editable names for every grid. This way we could create ultimate tasks managment for our unique purposes. 

Thanks again Aymeric for this great planner

Aymeric Founder
Hi Martin,

Thanks again for taking to share your opinion with me.

1. I think adding the #pending list there is a great idea and I will do that very soon.

2. I am not convinced by the layout of sandglaz. I think I will stick to a basic list of tasks.

3. I also agree that weekplan would look better if all days had the same height. I will also change that soon.


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