Remove a repeating task scheduled to continue indefinitely

Jacquelyn 5 years ago updated by Grace 5 years ago 6
I encountered a repeating task issue on the web version. (Chrome) I had set a task to repeat daily indefinitely (no set end date), but ran into a problem trying to remove it and cancel the repetition. Editing the earliest occurrence of the task and removing the repeat option does nothing except remove the repeating symbol from that single day's task. The rest of the future tasks still appear and still show up as repeating. Refreshing the page does not help.

After quite a while of messing around with it, I discovered a workaround: editing the first occurrence by KEEPING the repeat status but adding an end date (the same date as the event). This removes subsequent tasks, and then the one remaining task can be checked off or deleted. This does seem to work every time, but it's a multi-step, non-intuitive process for doing something that should be pretty simple.
Not a bug
Please know that this is by design and not a bug, Jacquelyn. You can disable this by setting the end of the repetition to somewhere in the past. Hope this helps!
Yes, I see that it can be disabled, but again, this method of ending a repeating task is not at all intuitive. Why can't unchecking the repeat box on a given day stop repetition from that date forward? I don't mean to be a pain, but I don't see why the "design" would require the user to figure out that you have to set the repetition to a date in the past and THEN uncheck the box. That just doesn't make sense.
You are correct that it is confusing, other users have had issues in the past. Maybe you are correct, unchecking "Repeat" should end the repetition then. We will work on that in the coming days.
You guys are awesome for taking so much of our feedback into account!
This has now been fixed. Thanks for your patience, Jacquelyn!