Feature request: Deleting completed task in inbox, Sort by not completed

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Hi all, I've been a user for a couple of years now and really like the App. I have finally started using the "Inbox" much more to capture ideas as they pop into my head. 

It's been wonderful, however, I'm often completing many of these Inbox tasks without needing to promote them to the parking lot or making them high-priority tasks. So I end up with a huge list of completed tasks in my inbox and no good way to get rid of them. I can go through them one by one to delete them but that sucks up a lot of time.

What I would like is a button that "delete all completed" tasks in bulk or a setting for auto clean-up after a certain amount of time, or completed tasks go into a "trash bin" or  something really clever that you folks come up with.

My preference would be the button because I feel it's simple AND I won't lie, I like to look at the list full of crossed-off tasks at the end of the day.

Also, could you have the Inbox list sorted by not completed items at the top? that would also be handy.

Thank you so much all,

I love Week Plan,
Greg Stout

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  • Under review

Thank you for sharing the feedback.  I will share with this the team and will get back to you.