"show more" not working

christiane M. 6 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 3 years ago 4
My browser is IE Mobile 11.
I try refreshing few times and also rebooting but the "show more" keeps on spinning 😢 I don't know what's on my to-do list today...I am in trouble!..thanks for your help and thanks for this wonderful app...it has change my life..really ❤
Under review
Hi Christiane,

I deployed a new version yesterday and I think your mobile phone is using older files. Could you try to refresh weekplan multiple times and hopefully it will start working...
Thanks Aymeric for answering so fast...I refreshed many times before I posted and that didn't help...I often get a message telling me to refresh...when I press ok the message doesn't go away..I have to turns my phone off to make it go away! Then I refresh and I am back to square one ...in the past few day I am also having problems assigning roles to my task..the only choice given is no role!...thanks for your help...I really do love the app😊
I get the error message that won't go away when I check done in the roles and goals screen...few minutes ago after I rebooted I got a blank page..I had to reboot again for the app to open...hope that helps...sorry to be the bearer of so many bad news...kee