How to easily add/remove HITs

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Is there no easy way to just easily remove add or remove a HIT? When editing a task, there's no button or way to un-HIT a task. When you have the HITs list open, you have to drag it back to the proper role/objective/list to un-HIT it. If you drag to wrong role/objective/list, you just modified & misplaced the task.  There seems to be no easy way to change your mind (i.e. a toggle) as to whether an item is a HIT or not.  I tried "Remove from week" which seems to do nothing if it is not actually on the schedule yet.  I saw via the API that un-HITing a task just sets WeekDate to null (or sets it, if setting it as a HIT).

As a software engineer, even I am having a hard time understanding what is actually happening behind the scenes to even guess what the right solution is.

I keep coming back to WeekPlan because it does have features I've not seen anywhere else.  The Web UI is very confusing/cumbersome.  Took me 15 minutes to just find how to get to the Weekly Planning (under HITs, bottom of the list, hidden out of sight if you have a bunch of roles/objectives), after having used an old version a year or so ago, I remember it being on the menu on the left.

Trying to make this work before I cancel (again).

Web app
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There needs to be a button like "Remove from week" to remove a HIT task back to where it came from.  Without that, the only options are to drag it back to the board it came from (making sure to select the original objective/role/list) OR, if it's an objective, choose Objectives, select the objective the task is under, then click the little unset the week for that task.  Both are very cumbersome.