Why is zappier creating tasks in workspaces someday maybe list in more than one project?

Glenn Watt 5 years ago updated by Boo L. 2 years ago 3
This has nothing to do with browsers but I am using a mac and have tried both Chrome and Safari, current version of both.

Hi Glenn, could you describe a bit more in details what the issue is?

You see the same task being created in multiple lists in the parking lot?

I figured this out.
The Someday Maybe boxes must have been copies of the same object and when Zappier linked to the someday maybe box under different workspaces even though they were created under different workspaces in Asana and sent to different workspaces in Weekplan, new items were created in every weekplan workspace with an item under them saying "in Home, in Business, ect"

Solution is to create new lists under each workspace and then to link those to each Asana workspace in Zappier.