Make it quicker to add details to tasks

Stephen Simpson 6 years ago updated by Boo L. 2 years ago 9

This is a great app, well done.

One of this things that I find really frustrating is the amount of clicks and effort involved with adding a detailed task.  Adding a simple task is easy but if I want to assign the task to a role, add times, subtasks, ...etc, it requires extra clicking.

First you type the task into the day, then you have to click edit to add details and other info.  It would be nice if you could go straight to the edit window rather than having to create the task first.

Hope that makes sense?

Hi Stephen,

> This is a great app, well done.
Thanks, it is good to hear every now and then :)

> the amount of clicks and effort involved with adding a detailed task.
Add "..." at the end of a task, and it will open the dialog automatically.

> if I want to assign the task to a role
Use the @ symbol and the list of roles should appear.

> add times, subtasks
Yes for those, you need to click a bit more, sorry :-/ I think the "..." tip should help remove some of the frustration you have.
Thanks, that is great and exactly what I am looking for :)

Hi, when I try to use the ... command at the end of task name when adding a new task in the new Next version of the web app, nothing happens. Same goes for the time command (for example, 2pm).

If you want to use time command you should specify period for example 2pm-3pm.

When it comes to three dots it doesn't work for new version. Probably it wil be introduced soon.


Hi there! Thank you for reaching out.

May we ask for your clarification with your concern after clicking "save" after adding the task?
We'll be more than happy to assist you. :)

Hi Ana, it seems that the Dev team says that, despite the article in the knowledge database that says you can write three dots at the end of the task name to have the details open automatically, this does not work in the new version. The Dev team said that to indicate time in the name, you have to write out the time period, I did that, and it worked. What other commands can you add to the task name in the new version?