Drag and Drop Task not working

JSellers 5 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 5 years ago 5

the he drag and drop task feature is not working. Hopefully it has. To been taken away as it was one of my favorite features making organizing my day easier. Also, can we get a month calendar drop down for the date instead of the annoying scroll? I believe the desktop version has it but the mobile version doesn't. Thank you!
Under review
The drag and drop feature is working well now. As for the month calendar drop down feature, this can be found by selecting the month view icon found on the top right hand corner of the iPhone app. Is this visible on your end?
Is the drag and drop working for you? If not, can you tell us what device you are using?
The drag and drop is now working on my desktop computer. At one time i could access the week plan website from my iPhone 6 Plus and my iPad and experience the drag drop capabilities but now going to the website from these devices still does not allow me to drag and drop my tasks. The little cross that would once appear when I would tap a task no longer appears. I do have the iPhonr app installed on my phone and it works but sometimes I like to see the view that the website offers.
The reason why the cross doesn't appear anymore is because you don't need it to be able to drag anymore... it should just work :-/