Ticking Off tasks in iPhone

Alaghil 5 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 2 years ago 7
Ticking Off tasks in iPhone delete them from the PC.
Is that normal. If not, then it needs to be fixed.
Under review
Could you give me an example of a task that is marked as completed in iphone and is not appearing in web?
Sorry for my late reply.
I don't know how to give you an example as the tasks get deleted completely. I have tried it many times and each time I tick a task as done in my iPhone it get deleted completely from the site.
Can you give the exact text of a task that has disappeared this way?
I don't remember the first task that got deleted. But after I noticed that, I had tried it several times by typing "task 1", and when I tick it off as done from my iPhone, "task 1" disappear from the PC. I have done that several times and each time it get deleted from the PC.
I can find three "task 1" in your account, and they are all marked as deleted. Are you sure you are marking the tasks as completed, and not deleting them instead?
Just today I tick "Deliver bulbls to GTS" as done in my iPhone and when when I refreshed the page in my PC it disappeared from the PC but I still can see it in my iPhone as "Done"