Task showing up on different days.

Zickery Suhaimi 7 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 7 years ago 8

I have set one task for 18 February 2013 (Monday), however it keeps showing up at 11 February 2013(Monday) and also 18 February 2013. No matter what I do, such as deleting it, re-entering it, nothing works. It is kind of irritating. I am sharing it with one other person. 

Edit: I noticed that it is happening for all the Mondays. What happens is that the tasks for 18 February is carried back and shown on both 11&18 February 2013. However this happens for every Monday in the calendar. 


Thank you, this is a new glitch that I will fix tomorrow (if all goes well :))

It's good to know that you are still maintaining this app. Just because I found out that you're regularly fixing bugs, I'm upgrading to Pro to support you. 

I appreciate :) We are working on the bug you raised right now actually :)

I really appreciate you being very efficient in handling bugs. This app has been really really helpful. 

Cool :)

It is not always easy to be responsive, I do my best :)

Do let me know when things are settled! :) 

Thanks man. Really appreciate the swift action.