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I deleted one of the four columns in my parking lot, and now I can't add it back. I'm permanently stuck with only three lists in the parking lot. Help?

Hallie B 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 5
So I had a redundant list in my parking lot and thought I would delete it and then add a new, less redundant one. However, now I'm stuck with only three columns and can't add back a 4th! There is no button to add another column. Please help! Three is way too limited for parking lot items.
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Hi Hallie,

This is because you are on the free plan which restricts you to 3 lists.

You can upgrade to PRO here: https://app.weekplan.net/#view=Pro
  1. Obviously that is not true not since I have had four since sign-up. Never added extra.
This is because we give you two weeks trial at the beginning. So you had the power to create more at the beginning. We just don't remove the extra lists when you lose that ability.
Thanks for the quick response. Just wish I had known I was deleting my list FOREVER. :(