Account subscription information not available on the site? How is that possible?

Greg Malone 5 years ago updated by Boo L. 2 years ago 5
Yes I can and will look for the original email, but... ??? Hmmmm.
I click on the main menu icon at the top left corner and then select Invoices from the dropdown menu. It shows me the billing plan I am on and the billing history. Is this the subscription info you are looking for?
Under review
Yes, that's correct Rich - thanks! Is this the one you're referring to, Greg?
Sure, let me clarify. Under "Account Settings" there is no information about my subscription account, as I'd expect, just formatting and feature choices. Looking at Invoices does not explicitly summarize my current account plan, though it could be derived from reviewing the invoice. Just seems like the obvious expectation would be to find one's account subscription plan details -- including renewal date and whether or not it auto-renews using what card, etc. -- in the Account Information panel.

Thanks for the help. No more need to discuss. It is what it is.
I agree Greg, this is something I should put at some point. In the 4 years weekplan has been running, only one person asked for it (you are are the second person) so you can understand that it is a fairly low priority item at the moment.