SMS Notification from Australia

Luke Redgen 5 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 2 years ago 5

I have signed up for a Pro account and I am trying to get SMS notifications working, but when I text the number nothing happens.

I can't quite work out from what I've read about the feature on this site whether or not the feature works in Australia.

Thank you for your help,

Luke Redgen
Under review
Hi Luke, I am based in Australia myself, SMS should work here.

could you please send me your phone number so that I can look into the logs? Use my email address aymeric[at]weekplan.net
Hi Aymeric,

Did you get my email last night?

Kind Regards,

Luke Redgen
Yes, I'll have a look tomorrow. Thanks.
Hi Luke,

I have the feeling you are sending the text to the wrong number because I can't find any log associated to your phone number.

Could you please double check you are using the right number?