"Pending" moved to Parking Lot?

sturmwarnung 4 years ago updated by AST 4 years ago 7

For me (web version, Chrome) it did. I don't like this, because Parking Lot has a very different meaning from Pending.

Pending - Things that need to be done in the near future, but I have yet to find a time frame for it

Parking Lot - Things I could do if I have time left. Pretty much like "someday" in GTD

Is there a way to move it back up beside the current week?

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It's a bug, isn't it? Using it every day, I need the pending column where it was!!! It's very important for me! (Pro user)

Under review

People were getting confused about the Pending list. They would not know where it was, but they would see it in the Edit dialog, in the list of lists.

I think it makes sense for the Pending list to be a list like the others.

Sorry Aymeric, but I don't like it at all like it is now. The Pending list on the right of the screen (with "number of visible lists": 8) was great to copy a task from one week to another or to store frequently used tasks taken by me many times to copy them to some day. Now the pending list is below the bottom of the screen and I have to scroll permanently. While on the right of the screen there is much free space...

I can see the logic in that, Aymeric, but it does not fit the way I use "Pending". For me, it is not just another list. AST has made some good points. Additionally, Pending is the Place I use to keep items within visible range that need to be done, but are waiting for an action from somebody else right now. It makes me nervous to have these things not in my primary view.


I have rolled back this change based on your valid arguments. Thanks.

Thank you, it's nice to be heard as a user.

Thank you Aymeric! Great!!!