Any way to select multiple tasks?

bec 5 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 1 year ago 8
Just wondering if there is any way to select multiple tasks at the same time, e.g. if I want to select a few and drag them all to a particular day in one go rather than doing each individually?
Under review
Hi Bec, unfortunately this is not possible yet. I will monitor this suggestion, if more users vote it up, I'll consider it.



The lack of this feature is what keeps me from going pro, especially since the imported tasks are automatically marked as due today, which is rarely the case with the tasks I'd like to send to WeekPlan

You can now import tasks in a particular list. Edit a list, and you will see the email address to use.


I have the goal of sharpening the saw... as per first things first... I want to include tasks that I deem relevant on a repeat basis as a check list, but dont want the tasks taking up the whole column... just be a checklist in the goal each day ... is this possible?

You can do it in multiple ways:

1. Use a list in the parking lot named Sharpen the Saw.

2. Name a role "Sharpen the saw" and put a single task in there that contains subtasks (so that they don't take visual space like you want)

3. Use repeating tasks to get the tasks to appear every week in your week.

This would be a great feature!

Hi, Dan!

Thank you for voting on this suggestion.

We do not have this on the priority list but we are more than happy to review this again.