create "stickied" parking lot entries?

weekycat 6 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 2 years ago 3
I have a feature request. Perhaps I can already do this, not sure. I am training myself to commit to one small tasks every day. Sometimes these tasks end up being the same ones over and over (read for 30 mins) and other times there are smaller tasks I'd like to remember to try to incoroprate sometimes but I don't. Parking lot is a great feature for this, BUT, the item disappears when I promote it to a day. Would you consider having a "sticky" feature so you could promote a task to the day but it would still stick around in parking lot, so I could promote it again next time without having to make the same task? does that make any sense? will def. consider going pro if this is added and android shapes up :)

Would the ability to mark a task as repeatable help? 

Currently in weekplan you can see a task to repeat daily / weekly / monthly / etc... As I understand it, it seems that it is what you are trying to achieve.

No, it wouldn't. I don't want it to be repeating. I want to have a list of potential tasks that I do often (but not necessarily on a regular basis) that can be promoted to today and not be deleted from the list when I do so. So say I had a list called "exercise", and it had a lot of various ideas like, use Wii Fit, run for 30 mins, go for a walk. I don't know when I may want to do these, but I do them often enough that having a list with these template tasks to promote to a daily task when needed would be helpful. I can kind of do that now with the lists, but the tasks are deleted. That's what I meant by putting a "sticky" task, that could be moved to a daily task without being deleted.
Oh I see, I understand now... I will think about it.