Single day view available in webapp. Weekly & goals view in mobile webapp. Don't need to rush an iOS app, I like the mobile webapp form--just want a little bit more functionality.

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Love the app, I use it almost every day.

One small annoyance in the desktop webapp is that I often cannot see all the day's items without scrolling--it would be cool to switch to a single-day or maybe 2-3 day view with much larger cards.

The inverse annoyance occurs in iOS with the webapp--I can't seem to figure out how to access my weekly roles & goals card. However, I think you've done a fantastic job so far in that yours is the only "Add to Home Screen" webapp that actually behaves like a standalone app.  Thanks!

Aymeric Founder

Hi John,

Thanks for your feedback.

A day view is in the pipeline, hopefully coming this week, thanks to you! :)

Regarding the fact that you don't have access to goals in the week view. I know that it is a limitation of the app at the moment. I will need to find an elegant way to show them without taking the focus away from the todo list (usually when you use the mobile app, you want to add a task super quickly, I don't want to slow down this action) 

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