Cloning a task (Mac)

davidwilliams122 4 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 4 years ago 3

Hello - I can't seem to get clone to work. i have tried pressing cytl and dragging but nothing happens. Please can someone advise. i am on safari, using a mac. Loving weekplan so far.

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Copying of tasks seems to be very buggy on the Mac, yes. And even on the PC it doesn't work like we are used to from other software (first dragging a task and then pressing ctrl doesn't work).

Apart of that, WeekPlan is great!

Under review

I actually think that pressing CTRL before dragging is the norm. It allows the user interface to show the user that the item is being cloned by leaving it where it comes from.

Look at Powerpoint for example, if you don't press CTRL, you just move the element.

The fact that it doesn't work on mac is something I need to look at.


I resolved this issue: instead of CTRL, please use OPTION (ALT) key to drag/drop.