Start the Week with Sunday not Monday

Anonymous 8 years ago updated by Daniel Åkesson 4 years ago 8
New User here...so far I like your product....one question...can we order the week starting with Sunday and not Monday.....your seven day week ends on Sunday...it should end on Saturday and start with Sunday...just like a normal calendar...are we able to do this with the software...can we arrange?...thanks....


You are not the only one to contact me about it. At the very beginning I was giving the option to switch between Sunday and Monday as start of the week but for some reason I removed it.

I will put it back soon.
I like the week starting with Monday, the weekend is called weekend for a reason :-)
What is considered the weekend in your country is different in other countries.
Israel for example starts the workweek on Sunday instead of Monday.

To be honest I don't remember how I learned that :) I am French so I had Sat/Sun weekends. The wikipedia article showed me that there were more countries with a different weekend than I expected.

Hi Aymeric, on my desktop my week starts on Monday and on my iPhone 4 in the app it starts on Sunday. How can I get the app to start the week on Monday too please?

In iOS:

Go to filter, change "Start week...:"