Keyboard Shortcut for Date

Whitney Walton 5 years ago updated by Boo L. 2 years ago 6
So I know there is a shortcut for estimated time "~20m" and roles "@Sales", but what about date??
Under review
No shortcut, but you have got a textbox for each day for that. Or would you rather be able to say "Do something 2015-05-01" ?

I'd love a shortcut for date, and time of day too! If possible the same symbol for each, with the output depending on the format of the input (e=for example, ^2/11 to set a task for February 11th, and ^11:30am to set the time)

Also, it would be awesome if a complete list of all the keyboard shortcuts were included in the FAQ! :)

Setting the scheduled time for a task with some kind of in-line syntax (i.e. [12:30] ) would be great!

24h clock would be easiest to implement, I think.

For time, you can use "Remember the milk 2pm-3pm" or 14:00-15:00 already.