Can't access weekplan since I paid (just says "unauthorized")

Will Bernard 5 years ago updated by hawkeye 5 years ago 5
I just decided to buy a paid upgrade to WeekPlan. It let me pay and then unfortunately it will no longer let me login from my Safari browser on my MacBook. It says "Unauthorized: You need to log in and try again". I've tried refreshing. I've tried starting a new tab and clicking through from weekplan.net again. I just keep getting this message. I can access it just fine from my iPhone.
I'm having the same "unauthorized" problem but my upgrade was months ago so I think that's just coincidental. I'm guessing the site is just down.
I'm also having the same issue but I'm still using a free account. I agree, it's probably something that is affecting everyone.
Under review
Sorry everyone, one of the servers got faulty. It should work fine now. Thanks for letting me know!
Thanks for fixing it so quickly!