divider in planner space so that tasks from different projects are separated

Tiffany Yang 4 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 2

Love you software !! Super intuitive. One thing though...right now, even though the tasks for different projects are color coded, tasks from different projects of the same day are still crammed together.I would really like to be able to add horizontal lines across the schedule, so that I can separate tasks from different projects. Thank you so much.

An alternative way to do this is to have the option of setting up "Projects" . So we will insert a new project name on the very left side of the planning space, and we can add tasks for this project on the same line for different days. For example, if I have a project called study for physics, then I would have the option to add tasks in the planning space, but the great thing now is that all the tasks related to the physics project is on the SAME ROW, so the tasks aren't crammed with other tasks from a different project. This way, it's super easy to PLAN for a project, but still being able to visually SEE what's coming up next for tomorrow for this project.

This is best done horizontally instead of vertically like in role or in parking lot, because with horizontal planning, you can match the day of your project as you plan and insert. :)

Thank you so much! You are amazing

Under review

If I summarize, you'd like the ability to add "lanes" in the week view to be able to better manage multiple projects at the same time (or multiple people, etc...). Is that correct?

What email address do you use for WeekPlan? With your permission, I'd like to look at how you are managing your many projects at the moment,



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