Parking Lot - Wasted space

Dirk Breeuwer 6 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 2 years ago 6
Hi! Weekplan still working fine and I am starting to really like it :) 

There is a lot of wasted space in the parking lot, maybe allow those lists which are outside of the margins to fall down to the second line? 

Thanks! :)
Under review
1. A lot of people have a lot of tasks in their parking lot (100's) so I don't think that would work for them.

Maybe I can find a UI layout that would cater for both. I need to think about it.

2. I noticed that you are using a smaller font than the default one on WeekPlan. Is that because you feel the text is too big?
1. Great! Thank you. 

2. Yeah, I like to have an overview of everything and the current font only allows me to see 2-3 tasks on weekview. But its no problem to change the font size with chrome. 
Why don't you use the "List view" instead of the Grid view?
I do use it :) when I do its not a problem about the font. 

Overall, I don't think the font is a problem.