New design: solves nothing , create few more problems

Martin Kiš 8 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 6 years ago 6
Hi, i dont understand usability of new design. What problem does it actually solve? (1) Most common complain here was that weekend boxes are too small. Solution: now i dont see them at all ( i have to scroll to them) Its completely ruining whole experience when i trie to look at glance on one week. (2) Your previous design was too overcrowded. Solution: lets make 3/4 of screen empty. Thats how looks my weekplan now. About 3 - 5 task a day, everything else is blank. What a waste of space. (3) Someday task are out of sight. Out of sight, out of mind. Before i have cared about the maybe tasks because i have seen them every day, now i can see me forgetting about them in a month. No ability to move task from week to someday is just a bonus to whole situation. 

So basically this is my question: what problems does new layout actually solve? And second question: can i have back old interface pls? 

Still loves weekplan because of your programming skills but i will repeat myself: you trully need somebody with design skills. To create design is not "lets try this now" game. You have users from all the world (i guess, because i am from Slovakia:) that use your app everyday, you have great system based on great principles of 7 habits. Dont kill it with weak usability and design  


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Just to illustrate situation. I guess this is what Weekplan looks like to most of users not just me. With few task a day 3/4 of screen is just wasted. With bonus of not seeing Someday tasks and two weekend days. 
Hi Martin, thank you for taking the time to tell me how you feel.

When I pushed this new layout, I expected some people would not like it. Now my job is to understand what people don't like about the new design and differentiate resistance to change to true usability problem.

1. Regarding the weekend days. 
Some people are active during the weekend days and want to be able to enjoy weekplan even during the weekend. Now you have two full days rather than two half sized days.

Most people are not as active during the weekend and therefore these days are not as crucial. It is why I had decided to show half days for them but people who needed them complained about it. By using the scrolling mechanism and the autofocus, the weekend days are there if you need them, fully.

2. Regarding the waste of space.
Blank space doesn't have to mean waste of space. Apple is good for example in making "breathing" designs. The reason why I allow all this blank space is too reduce the visual noise of the previous layout. On Thursdays and Fridays, a lot of space would be used for past days which were not useful anymore. On top of that, the someday tasks were screaming at the users, telling them how much they haven't done yet.

3. Moving Someday tasks to their own page
I have actually promoted the Someday tasks to their own view because one of the incoming feature I will introduce will allow you to add more lists (Projects). Right now the layout is not used 100%, you have only 4 lists and you can't move a task from week view to someday (currently under development) but it will fully make sense soon.

Do you see where I come from?
Hi, you havent answered my question from first reaction. Is it possible to have back old interface or do you plan to add switch to it for users that are not happy with changes? Thanks for answer again. I have tried hardly to adapt to this new interface and god knows i love changes, as early adopter i have tried a tons of apps before i stick with something. However i have choose weekplan with features that are now gone. If there is way how to have it back in old fashion that will be great. If not, please let me know. Thanks a lot for your time
Hi Martin,

I am thinking of moving back to the previous UI. I just want to wait a bit and see what usage metrics tell me.

Thanks for reaction. I have noticed that always when i comment to some developer i am little bit rude. I am apologizing for that. Its because my motivation to write feedback fade out of very quickly so i write things when they are still hot topics for me and emotions get sometimes out in wrong way. 

1. I understand what you said. It was my complain too. However i must say again: your new layout doesnt solve this problem. We should be able to see week in one glance. It makes all the difference when planning for the week. Speaking for me, it gives me motivation for preparing for nice weekend, it gives me focus, simply put its unbreakeble part of my week. When its out of the screen i dont use it. Just scroll to it? Good design doesnt work this way. I started using weekplan when it was weekly planner, now it is 5day planner. Thats where my frustration come from. 

2. I disagree, blank space in few websites and applications definitely means simplicity. Blank space in planning app like weekplan mean waste of space. Yes, Apple makes breathing design. No, this is definitely not apple breating design. Please send me link to some work of Apple where they´ll waste 3/4 of screen in exchange for nothing. Your app is made for planning not for showcasing apple products. People are fighting for pixels and you throw it away. Have you look on the screenshot i have send you? If you have access to other accounts have a look on it. Do you think its right to waste this space for nothing? Next thing would be suggestion to add custom background to it? Whats the use of it? There are ways how to make design breathable but i dare to say this is not it. I would suggest that even two rows of days would be better than this. We will see all days at glance, and one free column you could use for everything else. I have been using "Someday this week", as place for all those little tasks that dont belong to big rocks and doesnt need to be scheduled on concrete day. Maybe youll find something more creative.. 

3. Have a look on teux deux, foldable someday list would make sense. Some users hate it, some not. For me someday task was one of the most useful features. They were not "screaming on me" because i use it for placing tasks to give me bigger picture of my month, i use it for placing projects here, tasks that doesnt need to be scheduled and wasnt big rocks etc. 

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