Goals keep disappearing

Jacquelyn 5 years ago updated by Boo L. 2 years ago 6
I saw some previous bug reports about goals disappearing, but this one seems different. I can also consistently reproduce the issues. I'm using the web version in Chrome.

If I create a goal in a role and then try to reorder it in the list in the same role, the page refreshes automatically and the goal disappears.

Also, if I try to move the task to a different role, the same thing happens. 

If I move the goal to the parking lot, it seems fine. If I then move it to the weekly plan, it's still fine. But if I try to move it back into a role, it disappears.

Likewise if I try to move ANY tasks into a role. They all disappear.

Please look into this. I really, really, really want Weekplan to be my new planner. I have spent the past several months testing out more than 30 task management apps (no exaggeration!) and Weekplan is by far the best in terms of structure and goal integration. I can see using this long term and I would be happy to support Weekplan by going Pro. I'm even happy to help test out new features and bugs. (I have experience with this.) I am, however, nervous to commit to Weekplanwhen I can lose tasks so easily. A disappearing task could have serious consequences for my job, so I need to be sure that my data is stable before I commit. 

Hi Jacquelyn,

Thanks for the detailed bug report. 

The issues you were experiencing should be solved now. Can you please confirm?

Thank you, Aymeric! It does look like it's fixed now. And I have gone ahead and upgraded to PRO since you have been so responsive to the bugs I reported. Thanks!

Something else (less urgent) that I noticed when testing out the fix: If I drag a goal to a task, it duplicates it so that it appears in both places. This is great! And if I want to get rid of the task but keep the goal, I can go into the "edit" options and select "remove from week." This is also great because it will keep the goal even when the task on the week view is removed. However, if I use the "delete" icon instead of the "edit" icon, it deletes BOTH the task AND the goal, without indicating that the task was related to a goal. Because of this, it's possible to delete a task that wasn't completed on a particular day and inadvertently delete the entire goal, too. It would be great to have some sort of a popup for this situation similar to the "remove from week" and "remove from goal" buttons in the edit section, where users can choose whether to delete just the task in week view or delete both task and goal.

And another (even less urgent) glitch I noticed: when you click on a task, it is highlighted. If you click the "delete" button, the confirmation box pops up...but while the confirmation box is open, look at the task you're deleting - the task ABOVE it is now highlighted. I've second-guessed myself a few times, thinking I was accidentally deleting the wrong task. (I wasn't, but it looks that way.)
Glitch 1: I will improve the message of the delete confirmation box to inform the user it is also a goal.

Glitch 2: What happens is the button to delete is on top of the previous task, so your mouse is over the previous task after you have clicked and therefore it is the one highlighted when the delete dialog box appears. I will think of a way to make it less confusing. Great little detail!
Help - This is not fixed.

Please see video reproducing bug here: http://screencast.com/t/TaspmPZE
Hi Ryan :)

Nice video, if everyone were doing videos like this, things would be a lot easier to reproduce and fix.

So, what is happening is, when you select the list, it basically moves the goal to the parking lot. A goal/task cannot be a goal of the week and in the parking lot at the same time.

Then the bug we have is that you shouldn't be able to select the "Select..." option because it means your task is now in limbo world, neither in a list, nor a goal, nor in the week (with a date).

We are going to fix that. Thanks!