Pricing is too high & Mobile App needed

Michael Devitt 7 years ago updated by Grace 5 years ago 5

There is no way anyone will purchase a pro account based on current pricing. Needs to be addressed otherwise you will not have anyone adopt the Pro subscription. Especially given the fact that there are no mobile apps. Accessing it on an iPad only works using Chrome and even at best doesn't run well. 

Things to do:

1. Reduce pricing dramatically;

2. Develop Mobile Apps;

3. Ensure Offline access is available otherwise don't bother with step 2

4. Reminders

It has great potential but Wunderlist, Todoist are way cheaper albeit doesn't have the integration between Goals and Tasks.




For a task app the pricing is definitely high, especially considering that there is no difference between personal and corporate use. I don't need hundred workspaces. I need offline use outside the internet browser. I need an android app. Otherwise the pricing does not make any sense.


Hi Jelena,

I hear you clear and loud. I am working on all these items. An offline (lite mode) Android app will be available next week.

Regarding the pricing, as I improve the marketing and more new users join weekplan, I will be able to lower the prices.

Hi Michael,

1. Reduce pricing dramatically: you have been several users to ask for this, I am preparing a sale for Christmas to test a different pricing.

2. You can use weekplan on android/ iphone and ipad even on Safari. I will publish apps for the app store, but they will offer the same features as the existing mobile web apps (offline / drag and drop / etc..)

3. Offline is available in the following way: When you visit a week on your device, it saves all the tasks in the cache. If you happen to go offline, it will load the tasks from the cache. 

You can also add new tasks while being offline and as soon as you come back online, the tasks will be sent to the server.

Well thought out Mr. Aymeric.

Keep the ideas coming .