Promote to Today Makes task Disappear if on next week view

Kyle Hale 5 years ago updated by Grace 5 years ago 2
I'm in browser mode on Chrome.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Add task to Parking lot list.
2) Change week view to next week.
3) Hit "Promote to today" button on Parking Lot item.

Expected results:
Item gets moved to today even though it's not visible in browser.

Actual results:
Item gets ... removed entirely? It's not on the Parking Lot anymore, it's not on today's tasks, it's not in next week's tasks.
Under review
Apologies for the late reply, Kyle. Are you still experiencing this issue? I have reproduced this on my end and the result was that the task is showing on today's tasks when I select the "Promote to Today" icon from Parking Lot.

Thanks for your patience!
We didn't receive a reply from you, I will now close this request. Feel free to contact us again if your issue has not been resolved and we'll be more than glad to assist you further!