Can not check "done" any task

Ferenc Kovács 5 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 4 years ago 9

Weekplan had been working somehow in the last month. I can not tell that it was perfect but I can use it on a normal level. I mean there are a lot of interesting development what is needed but the as a great to do list is works.

Now... it is like a mess. I CAN NOT CHECK "DONE" any task. I can not do that on my PC under Chrome or Edge browser + on my android has the same stuff. Please check it immediately! It is now getting useless.


Under review

Hi Ferenc, it is obviously not normal that you cannot mark any task as completed.


I had a look at your account and you have 3 tasks marked as completed yesterday. How did you manage to mark them as completed?


Also, when you mark a task as completed, what happens exactly?


Last, after completing a task, could you please open the Chrome console (press F12) and click on the Console tab to tell me if you see any error in there? I wonder if you have a Google extension that could be causing some issue.


1. I have oppend the task and make there done the sub task.

2. Happens nothing with the task on week view. If I had opened (any) task it doesn't show the sub tasks. NOW its working right now, so I couldn't save a screenshot for you. Hope it will remain stable.

3. If the problem is come up again I will let you know here.

+ on Android Chrome when I double tap on sub task (edit task view) it jumps though the screen to the botton and after that I can not do anything with it. I have taped "Szerződés módosítás" task:



A developer is working on the android subtask issue.

I have the same bug. There is no content and I can not check done the task.

This design looks broken, what browser do you use on the screenshot?

It is looks that way too at the moment. It is under Chrome and under Microsft Edge browser too. How can I help you to indentify the problem?

Try to hit F12 in Chrome when you are on the problematic screen, and have a look at the Console tab if there are any errors please.

Mine has errors on the console tab.... how can i fix it, please?


This should be fixed now.