Chrome Issue

Hazlikus 4 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 4 years ago 8

Hello! Thank you for great app. I would like to report that weekplan currently is not working under Chrome (actually its happen from last Thursday)


I am experiencing the same issues. Chrome will not open the app at all (even under other users/computers in Chrome) AND the Android app also won't log in - just the blue screen. I can log in using Microsoft Edge.

I have the same problem. It's the second time that happens.


Under review

Can you please try to do CTRL+F5 to force a cache refresh when you are on the weekplan page? I suspect it is a browser related issue.

Unfortunately is not working!


Again with the same problem. WeekPlan is not working with Chrome. I tried CTRL+F5 without results.


Not working again with Chrome Version 49.0.2623.87 m and in my smart phone Samsung Galaxy S4.

Anibal, when you open the app in Chrome, could you please open the dev tools (F12) and click on the Console tab? Please let me know what errors you find in there.

I cannot reproduce this issue and I strongly believe it is a browser related issue.


It should be working now. Sorry about that. Users with touch-enabled devices were having issues with the latest release. A bug fix has been published. Thanks for letting us know!