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Won't skip to next week

Sarah Paul 4 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 8

I used WeekPlan last summer with no problem but when I tried to use it this month, it did not let me use the button to skip to the next week. Every time I try, nothing happens. It will change the url to "https://app.weekplan.net/?r=3#view=Week&routeData={"year":2016,"month":3,"day":14}&uiSettings={}" but the screen will remain the same. When I try and skip forward using the calander, it will let me skip two weeks ahead, but not one. I have tried it using both Chrome 48 and Safari 9 and I experience the same problem

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Are you still experiencing this? I cannot reproduce the issue...

It was working for a while today, but when I went to last week and then tried to move forward several weeks, it became stuck again.

Yes, im also encountering the same issue. I cannot go to next week or previous week.

What device are you using? What internet browser?

This is happening right now on my mac El Capitan in safari and chrome. It works correctly, then I hit the home button on the left and I can no longer advance forward. If I switch workspaces it clears the problem until I hit home again.

Could someone please record a video on how to reproduce this issue?

I cannot reproduce it :(

Hi Aymeric

I've the same problem only with week 13. In fact when you push next week button ">>" nothing happens. I've tried with different browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge with same results in Win 10, 7 and OSX El Capitan.

Also, if go to week 14 and then push back button "<<" the browser goes to week 13, if I push again then it goes to week 11, like if week 12 doesn't exists.

Win 10 and Chrome -> http://whatsmybrowser.org/b/8QHL2P0

Win 10 and Edge-> http://whatsmybrowser.org/b/KOQOPT3


Not a bug

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