Not a bug

Unnecessary Production Code is displayed while Clicking on ICal Feed on Data Export Pro in workspace setting

Deepti Sharma 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

Steps to reproduce-

1. Open the Link "https://app.weekplan.net/ "
2. Fill Login Details like EmailId and Password and click on Login

3. WorkSpace will be created with some UserName.

4. Click on the Workspace settings at the start of the Page.

5. Now Click on the ICalFeed under the Data Export Pro Heading

6. Unnecessary Production Code is displayed .

Expected result - Import the weekplan into other calendar applications (Outlook, Google Calendar, etc...).
Actual result - Some production code is generated .
os and browser version - windows 7 and (Google Chrome 24.0.1312.49 and Mozilla Firefox 44.0.2)

Not a bug

This is not production code, it is the actual iCal feed content. Just copy the url of that page and give that to your other applications.

ok .I got it .Thanks for the Reply.