Improve "promote" options

r b 7 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 2 years ago 4

When you "demote" a task, you get to select which list it gets demoted to. I'd like to be able to do this when I "promote" a task as well. Instead of just being able to promote to today, I'd like to promote to other days, and (more importantly) to the pending list. This will allow me to move a bunch of someday tasks to my current week, and then think about how I will fit them in while looking at the whole week. Great app, thanks!


"This will allow me to move a bunch of someday tasks to my current week"

This is how I use the "promote" button. I move the tasks into my current week and then reorganize them. My today list becomes my "inbox".

It is true that there is no way to promote to Pending which is a limitation of the current interface. I always have to find the right compromise between minimalism and function. 

At the moment I will take note of your comment (I noticed the same thing) but won't act on it yet, I will wait to see if I can think of a good solution.

I like the idea of being able to promote tasks from the parking lot to Pending too. If I could only choose whether they got promoted to Today or Pending, I would choose Pending, which I kind of use as my "inbox". But I guess there will always be an equal amount of people that prefer one way or the other! Keep up the great work Aymeric!
Under review
Hi Bronwen, at the moment the alternative is to edit the task, and use the "Move to" section.

The Promote is meant to be a quick shortcut, I want to avoid adding an extra step if I can....