new activity/ event button

jsowell 4 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 5

The new "plus sign" in the lower corner (for adding an activity or event) is not an improvement to the previous version, either functionally or graphically. Either create a tool bar that is the full width of the app screen so that no part of my week/ roles is covered; or just leave the plus sign (add activity or event) with the weekday as before.



Under review

Could you send me a screenshot? We didn't change the position of the plus sign...

My apologies: the quality of the image is poor, and my cracked screen doesn't make it better.

When I compare it to the versions in the Apple App Store or on your website, I don't see a big plus sign in the lower right hand corner.

If I need to retake the photo with a better camera, please let me know.

I didn't realize you were talking about the iphone app. The iphone app is developed by an independent developer.

Why don't you like it? I am thinking implementing something like that for the web client...

I prefer very clean graphics: the button floats over information in the schedule, which suggests that the layout wasn't well-considered. That was not the case with the previous version.

I also admit that I am not always fond of changes to software. In this case, your previous release was perfect for what I wanted and needed. And until the bug is patched, whereby I can select roles on my phone rather than log in on my laptop, I'm annoyed that the update impacted functionality in a negative way.

That said, your product is an amazing utility for organizing my time. As long as it works for what I need, I'm a loyal customer.