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Repetition settings of tasks keep disappearing

bec 5 years ago updated by Grace 5 years ago 4
I have set up several tasks to repeat (I'm still in trial mode having just set up an account - I'm testing to see if I want to make the switch permanently and sign up for pro). However the settings I enter for repetition keep disappearing. When I first enter them, the task shows up in week view with a little repeating sign, and the settings are there. But later (eg. after I add another task), the repetition has disappeared. Any idea why? Logging out and back in did not help.

Ok I think I have figured out the problem. I wasn't entering data in ALL the fields - I thought for example I could just choose 'repeat every 2 weeks' without having to choose the weekday and end date. When I complete all the fields, it works. But is there any way to set the end date to 'indefinitely'? Thanks
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Leaving the end date, "Until" field, should set this to indefinitely. Does this work on your end, Bec?
Yes thanks, I actually did figure that out but forgot to post an update
Not a bug
Great! You're certainly welcome, Bec! :)