Week Plan has not been able to load for 2 days now!

Paul Michaels 4 years ago updated by MMPINC 4 years ago 6

Week plan is stalling at the "w" loading page.

I have tried;

  1. Purging my browser cache
  2. Quitting my browser
  3. Restarting my computer, opening browser
  4. On a 2nd computer and in two browser the web page still "hung'

I am in my evaluation period and I spent a lot of time setting everything up the way I like it. I have not been able to access my account for 2 day and I am going crazy/getting pissed.

I was considering upgrading once the trial peroid ended but this is giving me some concern.

I appreciate your help fixing this.


Under review

Mmm this is strange, no one is reporting this. Could you please send me your weekplan email address (private message) and I will have a look.

It's working now (June 2, 2016 - 10:26 AM) but I missed using Week Plan most of this week... Any way you can extend the trial? Thanks, Paul


Yes of course. I added 10 days to the trial. Thanks for your patience!


WeekPlan is not loading again! 2 Weeks ago this happened and I wasn't able to get to my account for most of the week!

I just signed on my computer and it won't load in Chrome or Safari ( June 16, 2016 - EST 10:00am). Tried it on my laptop...same thing.

Why does this keep happening?

I am getting near the end of my trial and I am really liking WeekPlan but having these blackouts is very frustrating!

I sent you a private message last time with my open ticket. Let me know if you need any more info.




The issue has been resolved.

My apologies.

I am the sole responsible for this issue. I run a deployment of a new version, got called somewhere else and didn't think of checking the new version. I went to sleep shortly after that and you had to wait that I wake up to get the issue fixed.

This is a process issue.

1. I should have checked that the deployment went through successfully.

2. Someone else in the team should have the ability to redeploy a production version.

I am going to change these things...

You are forgiven ;-)

The problem is that I am really liking Week Plan and using it a lot so when it goes down, my pain is greater!