How to move task from plan view to parking lot or boards

Karthik 4 years ago updated by bobcomer9465 10 months ago 6


I could not figure out how to move a task from plan view to parking lot or other boards. Any help is appreciated.




Thanks Aymeric!!

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I am having a similar issue. When I create a new item in the existing parking lot this seems to work. If I drag to a role it either disappears or I get an error - "The resource you are looking to edit has invalid modified values. Please fix that and try again. If you feel something is missing that should be here, contact us."

With a new board, when I drag to a role, the item just disappears.

I hate that they've moved the Parking Lot to a whole separate area. The ability to see everything all together and to drag and drop between the areas was what made WeekPlan so great in the first place...and why I signed up to pay for it monthly. It's not intuitive the way it is...I'm tech savvy and it took me about five minutes to even FIND where the parking lot went.


I have moved the boards back together with the week.

Thanks for your feedback!

I just signed up for the ultimate version and the parking lot is on  different screen than the calendar. So I cannot drag and drop parking lot items onto the calendar. This I disappointing. 

We  appreciate the feedback.  We  will have this noted and forwarded to the  development  team.

Let us know if there is anything else.

Support, I know I am responding to an old thread here but I have a similar question.

Occasionally my schedule gets overwhelming and I need to move items back from the schedule to the boards - is there a way to do this?