Different way to set priorities instead of "2!" etc.

Filip Wolski 8 years ago updated by Grace 5 years ago 3
Maybe instead setting priorities by "!", "2!" and "3!" (it's kinda weird) make it something different, e.g. most important would be "!!!", less 2 and yet less 1 (feels more natural). Or "!" after could mean urgnet (red) and "*" before important (bold).
But in general great work, thanks a lot! 
Go to the doctor !!! <- important and urgent

Go to the doctor !! <- not important but urgent

Go to the doctor ! <- important but urgent

I think people would struggle with remembering what correspond to what.

 *Go to the doctor! <- Although the concept is interesting, it forces the user to think of the priority before entering the task.

Maybe this could be a good compromise:

Go to the doctor!* <- urgent & important

What do you think? 

I guess the !!!, !! and ! is the same really as !, 2! and 3! :-) It really only feels more natural to put more exclamation marks instead of numbers.
Idea of ! and * at the end of it sounds good! Also I think we're used already to * producing bold text, like in e.g. some of google products. Bold = important. And exclamation mark is urgent. Seems good to me!