Quadrants...make more valuable

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The process of loading goals/tasks into the quadrants & visibly seeing them is a good thing.  It would be helpful to visualize all the goals/tasks in each quadrant;  this allows one to see the big picture & adjust accordingly.
Aymeric Founder
Hi Jeff,

Your message prompted me to think about how to better use the quadrants in week plan and I thank you for it. 

I am considering doing the following changes: 

1. In one day (or list), show four subsections for each quadrant in order of priority (I, II, III, and then IV).
2. When dragging a task intraday, you can move a task into one of the four subsections
3. When dragging a task to another day, you can only drag into the corresponding quadrant (and other quadrants are hidden during the dragging operation.

Would that make the quadrants more valuable?
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