google calendar pull doesn't work as expected

steeni 4 years ago updated by Boo L. 2 years ago 10

Some of the google calendar information is missing in weekplan web page. I try to trigger pull from workspace settings and after that I see no new items. There should be many items for this week. Last week items and next week items seems to be good.

It also seems like weekplan somehow forgets settings. I have to re-enable calendar sync.


Well, now it actually worked. I logged out and then back in. Now I didn't log in with google account but with email:password combination. Then re-enabled google synchronization.

I am having a similar issue in that despite enabling Google Calendar sync nothing is showing on my Planner, I have tried revoking and adding it again but it just will not work. Any ideas how to get it working - I have logged on using the Webplan.net logon

Under review

We will look into this.

Step to reproduce :

1. Open URL: " https://app.weekplan.net/#view=Login&routeData={}&uiSettings={}&returnUrl=/#view!!Week ".

2. Login with valid credential.

3. Add information in "weekplan" page.

4. Click on menu bar and select "Workspace Settings".

5. Scroll down the page and go to "Google Calendar".

6. Click on "Save" button.

7. Select "Logout" from menu bar.

8. Again "login" with valid credential or "sign in with google".

9. Check whether items are still showing or not in "Week Plan".

My calendar is not syncing unless i press "Trigger Synchronization." Shouldn't this be automatic?


Thank you for reaching out.

Our sincerest apologies if we are unable to respond to you sooner.

May we ask if you are still having this issue? If so, may we ask which web browser you are using and if you tried a different one already?

Looking forward to your response!

I think it's working now. I believe the problem was that i was logged in on both my laptop and my phone, and in order for it to sync i needed to log out of one device.


HI there! 

Thank you for letting us know.

Please be advised that our dev team has been notified about the sync issue. They are going to check this further and an update will be provided once fixed. 

Your kind patience is most appreciated.

Thanks again for your time. Have a great day!


Hi there,

Our technical  team just did a release that should  address issues you may be experiencing with Google sync.  If you may try again please.  Let us know if there is anything else that we may assist you with.