Missing tasks, duplicate tasks, wrong durations or start times in ical feed

dryheatwriter 4 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 3 years ago 2

The iCal feed for my workspace is either missing tasks and/or has tasks in wrong times or has duplicates of tasks all over the place. It is like it isn't updating correctly - if I changed a task, it is all . I've set up the feed in Google Calendar (where I see multiple instances of the same tasks; tasks I'd pulled from other calendars; tasks at wrong times (all day vs scheduled). I've waited 14+ hours thinking a refresh would happen but no change. I've removed and re-added to Google Calendar and no change. I then added to Outlook and again, the tasks displayed are different than what I have in Weekplan (wrong times, missing tasks, wrong durations) and different than what Google Calendar is displaying. I can't find a pattern to what is or isn't displayed.

I laid out the money last night for this app because I wanted the iCal feed to use as an easier reminder set up than the SMS/email option in the app.


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