Looking Forward to Be Able to Go Back to the Old Beautiful Interface

Anonymous 8 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 8 years ago 8
Hi Aymeric, I noticed that you did answer one of my former cries for the option to have the old version. Please keep your word. I am looking forward to working with it. I truly dislike this second other thing you have done. This has made it of no class when the original is so classy. Thank you, Judy


Rolled back to the previous style.
Judy, please help me understand what is wrong about the modifications I have made to the appearance. Is there anything in particular that you dislike?
Hi Aymeric. First of all, the original edition was much smaller, daintier and you kept the beautiful lavender colour. Everything was at a level where I could be in perfect control. You have made this one big and clunky and "in your face," with this ugly unmatchable orange colour to today (the one red mark was enough). It is so awkward. What you did (in my opinion) was make it too "small time." If you are unable to provide me the option, I will understand, but I won't use it. I'll go to teuxdeux instead which has the class but not the functionality as you. I am even willing to pay for providing me the option. I am not a novice with project management software, but your week-at-a-glance the way you provide it is almost impossible to find. Thank you for responding. Judy
Thank you Judy for helping me find the right balance.

I will attempt to modify the style in the coming week to make it more elegant and I will ask you for your feedback to get it right. 

I can't fully come back to the original theme because I have added features (ability to edit goals and roles, and the ability to assign a role to a task) that need to be displayed.

 What I will do:
- Remove the orange background color on today.
- Rollback the design of the lists

From that, you will be able to let me know what feels awkward.

On a side note, you mentioned that you would be willing to pay. I would like to some day be able to fully focus my effort on WeekPlan and I would like to find what features people would value enough to pay for. 
Just to give me an idea, how much would you have been willing to pay to get the option of changing the theme? (This is not committing you to anything but it would help me understand the value of WeekPlan).
I have played a bit with the design, would this style look better? http://ge.tt/8VjlD1D
Hi Aymeric, I am just looking for a simple set up the way you had it. I already use enough of project management software that I like and need. My interest in weekplan was the simple app that you have. Anything else would probably not suit me. Please go ahead and make your software the way you want. You can't please us all. Please yourself, and then those who like it will stay; those who don't won't. I personally don't like it and I probably won't like these other changes either. So do as you like. Then I will make my decision. Thanks, Judy
Hi Judy, 

Did you notice I have rolled back the changed I had made to the appearance? Does it work better for you?

If not, please let me know what you feel is "off".

Rolled back to the previous style.

Hi Aymeric, Sorry for the delay. I have not been on my computer. This version looks very good and workable. Thank you very much. It definitely works better for me. Looking forward to working on it again tomorrow.



Cool, thanks Judy for your feedback!