Tasks disappeared after moving to new board

mintmind 4 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 4 years ago 10

Hello Americ.

Since this might interest other users too, i am also posting this on the forum.

I am worried now that a lot of my tasks have disappeared.

I created a new board in the parking lot, to unclutter my main parking lot and to move some lists over.

Then i went into edit mode of a few of my lists and selected the new board as location.

The lists that i changed all dissapeared and i thought all the tasks in them would move to the new board.

But no i checked, all the lists are in the new board, but no tasks got copied, they are all gone.

Please help me to get the tasks back.

What can i do, or do you have a backup on your servers?

I hope this can be solved.

Thank you, greetings Merish.

Under review

1. I cannot reproduce this issue.

2. Please give me some example of tasks that have disappeared so that I can look for them.

hi Aymeric.

Thank you.

Some tasks of a few different lists:

List Privat (this List had a lot of tasks)

- Bild mario Silas

Betreuungsgeld doch, verene?

- Present papa ita

List Lesen

GEO Teenager article

List Musik

- 2 guitar songs

List Sehen

- Banker mubi


All these tasks are in the Private Board, in the PRIVAT list. I guess there was a bug at the time you did this. It shouldn't happen anymore.


i recreated some of the tasks, thats probably why you see them, so the issue is solved for me, but it seems to not be possible to move a whole list with tasks to a different board.

Thank you.

You should be able to edit a list and change its board.

I made a few screenshots with the offline IOS App, from an older sync, but they are shortened in te view, but at least i have a few i would be able to reproduce

I hope you can find the tasks, or have some kind of backup available from a former state.

Hello Aymeric.

I am recreating manually now the 100 tasks from old backups of other todolists.

It seems you aren't able to find the disapeared tasks right?

i will do another test later with dummy tasks to see if the same thing will happen again and let you know.

maybe we can find the reason for it.

Good evening.

it is still happening.

If you go into a board and edit the details of a list (not a task), and select a different board, the list will move to that board, but all tasks in that list are deleted.


Thats because i put them in again, recreated all the tasks manually