Not a bug

Editing window do not show fully - impossible to i.e. set up repeating tasks

stherm 4 years ago updated by Boo L. 2 years ago 3

I just signed up as a PRO user and am really disappointed that I cannot use the repeating task function.

When I try to edit a task and click on the "pencil" icon, the windows open, but it is not fully visible. Therefore I cannot do the appropriate changes.

The same happens when clicking on the calendar for example.


So I figured out that my role title is too long. Found a quick fix now by choosing a smaller title :-)

The reason I had a long title was that I had added triggerwords (keywords to remind me what to think through with regards to this role). Is there an option to write these type of triggerwords another place?

Not a bug

Could you show me a screenshot of your screen when the title is too long? Because there should be a scrollbar to help with this situation.