Impossible to edit roles

karyna.isaieva 4 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 4 years ago 4

I registered yesterday and I was able to edit and add the roles. And when I did it, I saw simply a number in Position field. Today I decided to rename one of the roles, and I found that now there is a number with already defined name (instead of just number) - see screenshot.

When I rename the role its name in field Role changes, but in tasks associated with it I still see its old name. Also today I cannot add new roles and change color of the role. I suppose it's a bug... or can someone explain me what is my mistake?


Same here. Unable to create or edit Roles and there is no input box for "color" either.


Hi guys, sorry about this, we deployed a minor release and yet it broke this role edit dialog. The issue was one character :-/

It is fixed now.

Thank you a lot! Now it works much more better. Now I can change names and colors of the roles, and add new roles. But it seems there is still some problems with Position field (still number + name).

Thank you we are going to solve this.